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About The Summit 

34 vegan thought leaders reveal the latest cutting-edge insights to help you enhance your vegan journey - mind, body, and soul so you can strengthen your voice and boost your animal advocacy efforts


Learn how to:

  • Effectively communicate the vegan message

  • Start and promote your vegan business, service, or event

  • Inspire others with your story

  • Take care of yourself in the midst of stress, anger, and frustration

  • Be the best activist you can be

  • Create and amplify your vegan workout plan 

  • Live a zero-waste lifestyle 

  • Start and run an animal sanctuary 

  • Become more confident in yourself 

  • Heal and regenerate your body

"Best summit ever! The 30 minute format was just right. It gave me all the advice I need to strengthen my vegan journey 

Chloe| Sydney, Australia

Meet the Speakers

Whether you're a new or long-time vegan you'll gain new insights and discover new tools to enhance your journey with teachers such as Dr. Michael Greger, Joey Carbstrong, That Vegan Couple, and many more

Dr. Will Tuttle

"Personal Transformation For a Vegan World"

Speaker and Author of the World Peace Diet

Clare Mann

"Communicating the Vegan Message"

Vegan Psychologist & Author of Vystopia

Clifton Roberts

"The Changing Political Landscape"

2020 Vegan Presidential Candidate

Jenny Brown

"Using Your Voice For Farmed Animals"

Author, Activist, Speaker, and Founder of Woodstock Animal Sanctuary

Joey Carbstrong

"How to Reach Thousands of People With Your Activism"

Activist & Speaker

Heather Mills

"Starting a Vegan Food Company"

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, & Activist

Korin Sutton

"Getting Vegan Fit"

Bodybuilder & Fitness Coach

Katrina Fox

"How to Promote Your Vegan Business"

PR Guru & Founder of Vegan Business Media

Max LaManna

"How to Live a Zero-Waste Vegan Life"

Chef, Author, Zero Waste Advocate

That Vegan Couple 

"Sustainable Activism: How to Prevent Burnout & Stay Focused"

Activists & Speakers

Adam Sud

"Inspiring Others With Your Story of Transformation"

Wellness Coach & Speaker

Stephanie Redcross-West

"Starting a Vegan Business"

Business Coach & Founder of Vegan Mainstream

Anna Ferguson

"Strengthening The Vegan Movement Through Yoga"

Yoga Teacher & Author

Christopher Sebastian

"Digital Activism & Media Literacy For Animal Rights"

Speaker, Activist, Educator

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

"The Role of Political Action Committees in Animal Liberation"

Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D.

"Spiritual Nutrition: Eating For Consciousness Expansion"

Author, Holistic MD, Speaker

Lani Muelrath

"Living a Mindful Vegan Life"

Author, Speaker

Robbie Lockie

"The Plant Based Revolution & Where the Movement is Headed

Co-Founder of Plant Based News

Ruby Roth

"Educating Children on Animal Suffering & Compassionate Living

Author, Artist, Speaker

Demetrius Bagley

"The Power of Film to Educate the Masses"

Producer of Vegucated & Vegan Events Guru

Kathy Stevens

"What it Takes to Start and Sustain an Animal Sanctuary

Founder and Director of Catskill Animal Sancutary

Dr. Robert Morse

"Regenerative Detoxification & Healing"

Naturopath, Biochemist, Spiritual Teacher

Alletta Vaandering

"Using Your Passion For Veganism"

Photographer, Model, and Creator of I Am Vegan

Bobby Sud

"Animal Photography & Vigils"

Filmmaker, Activist, Photographer

Ronnie Tsunami

"Accelerating Your Wave of Change"

Founder of The Plant Based Network

Steve & Julie Prussack

The Secret Weapon for Staying Lean,
Youthful and Energized"

Founders of the Juice Guru

Leslie Barcus

"Funding for Activists"

Executive Director of VegFund

Dr. Casey Taft

"Dealing with Anger and Grief"

Professor of Psychiatry and Co-Founder of Vegan Publishers 

Allison Rivers Samson

"Accelerating Your Activism with Self-Care”

Self-Care Coach, Speaker, and Author

Maša and Michael Ofei

"Less is More: Living with Less Stuff"

Founders of the Minimalist Vegan

Dr. Michael Greger

“The Importance of a Whole Food Vegan Diet”

Whole Food Plant Based MD

Hazel Zhang

“The Growth of Veganism in China"

Founder of Veg Planet

Margaux & Joanne

"Raising a Healthy, Compassionate Family"

Entrepreneurs, Chef, Nutritionists 

“Christopher & Sara did a great job! So happy to see such a broad and diverse range of topics with some truly outstanding interviewees. So glad I upgraded to the all-access pass.”

Steven | Seattle, Washington

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"The interviews were even better than I imagined. I have truly been enriched by all the talks. Professionally done, good questions, and awesome speakers!"

Anna | Berlin, Germany

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